Fun with Gravity in Unity

This video shows a simulation of gravitation in Unity. The video shows how each object affected each other. The spin movement of the massiv central object shows how the small objects with low mass can Weiterlesen

D.R.O.N.E. – WE CAN Video Project

This is my „D.R.O.N.E – WE CAN“ video for the crowdfunding campaign of the game. I made this video in Unity to learn more about 3D in Unity and programminig shaders. The extended version of Weiterlesen

Warp Effect in Unity

The Warp Effect uses a surface shader which renders the effect on a streched high resolution sphere. The Warp Effect has many different settings to change how the effect looks. This are the settings you Weiterlesen

Space Racing

This is a concept trailer of the game I develop in Unity. It is intended to be a first person racing game in space. The game is playable with joystick or mouse / keyboard. It Weiterlesen