Space Racing is a fast pace first person racing game in space. The game is playable with joystick or mouse / keyboard. It is my first bigger project in Unity, so it will take it’s time to finish a playable version of the game. Later you can race with different spaceships on different racetracks in space or on a planetary surface. It is also possible to fly in third person view, but without a HUD.

For me it is a lot of fun doing this because games are the reason why I start programming 😀

I hope you like it.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to write me a message or contact me at Unity Connect

Development progress

[Done] Flightmodel

[Done] G-Force implementation for blackout simulation

[Done] Joystick control

[Done] Mouse / Keyboard control

[Done] Backend to save player data.

[In Development] Main menu

[Polishing] Player asteroid base

[Polishing] Asteroid belt racetrack

[In Development] Leaderboard implementation

[In Development] Localization

[Scheduled] Randomly crossing asteroid

[Scheduled] Racetrack in the clouds of a planet

[Scheduled] Racetrack on a planetary surface

[Scheduled] Racing ring rework

[Scheduled] New spaceships

[Scheduled] Character

[Scheduled] Headtracking

[Maybe] VR

[Maybe] Multiplayer