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Warp Effect Manual
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The Warp Effect uses a shader which renders the effect on a streched high resolution sphere. The Warp Effect has many different settings to change how the effect looks.

This are the settings you can change:
  1. Main Color: The color of the effect. The transparency of this color defines the transparency of the effect.
  2. Mix Color: This is a color which is mixed together with the Main Color.
  3. Textures: You can change the textures if you want a different look.
  4. Rotations speed of the textures.
  5. Emission maps.
  6. Emission map rotation speed.
  7. Emission map merge method. (Add or multiply)
  8. Speed X / Speed Y: Defines the x and y motion speed of the distortion.
  9. Scale: The strength of the texture distortion. The higher the value the more waves will impact the warp textures.
  10. Tile X / Tile Y: Tiling size of the effect.
  11. Warp Speed: Simply defines how fast the effect is.
  12. Star textures
  13. Rotation and move speed of the stars.
  14. Background distortion.


Version 1.6.0 is live in the Unity Asset Store
  • You can select Add or Multiply to define how emission maps are merged.
  • 5 new prefabs ready to use in your project.
  • Prefab with the new experimental function.
  • New textures.
  • New experimental function for emission map distortion.


Performance test with version 1.3.0

Intel i7 4770K
GTX Titan 6GB

Result: 505 FPS. I don’t want to go higher. 🙂

Warp effect version 1.2.0 with the new background distortion effect.